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Metro Atlanta is getting a second IKEA!!!!!!!

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For those who love assembling furniture and eating Swedish meatballs, Marietta will now offer the luxury.

A simple drawing of a driveway and parking lot with a large blue IKEA store.
A rendering of the new store, which should help ease the Atlantic Station crush.
City of Marietta

Lovers of DYFJORD, VIMLE, BESTÅ, and Swedish meatballs, rejoice! Atlanta is officially getting a second IKEA.

The Swedish mega-store, known internationally for its flat-pack furniture and cheap, unique eats, announced plans to open a location in Marietta, along Interstate 75.

The City of Marietta reports that the new location will rise as part of larger redevelopment efforts along Franklin Road.

Announced last year, the Franklin Gateway District is seeing major investment as Atlanta United builds its headquarters and training facility on 33 acres formerly occupied by derelict apartments.

City of Marietta

IKEA will build more than 300,000 square feet on a 34-acre site just to the west of the interstate. The new location is only 12 miles north of the brand’s current location at Atlantic Station, which opened in 2005 as the first IKEA in the Southeast.

No word on a projected timeline for opening, but expect construction to begin next year.


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