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Presenting Atlanta’s Curbed Cup 2017 ‘Final Four’!

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Two past champions—and two hungry possible champs—remain standing in the quest for “Neighborhood of the Year” status.

Could this finally be the year Atlanta sees a repeat Curbed Cup champion?

Not if Westview and College Park have their way.

Those two relative newcomers comprise the left side of this year’s hallowed Final Four, and they’ll soon face off in the journey toward “Neighborhood of the Year” immortality. (College Park came mighty close last year, barely losing to East Atlanta).

Meanwhile, lurking like wise veterans of Curbed Cup past, former champs West End (2015) and Old Fourth Ward (2012) have also charged into the Final Four, promising an epic showdown next week.


  • Westview is on a roll, especially considering that 2017 marks the first year enough people nominated the historic Westside community to earn a tournament seed. Snagging more than 73 percent of votes over former champ Reynoldstown this week? Not too shabby, Westview.
  • College Park is on another tear, having booted a neighborhood in Elite Eight action (Grant Park) some had predicted to go all the way.
  • Old Fourth Ward squeaked by Kirkwood (52 percent of votes), while West End put a 62-percent hurting on perennially strong performer Chamblee.

And there you have it, folks: Atlanta’s honorable Final Four of 2017.

Congrats to all winners thus far!

Now, the Curbed Cup tourney will take a break for the holiday and resume on Wednesday.