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Across metro Atlanta, cities rank among safest in Georgia

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Nine of the top 10 safest cities in Georgia—including the top six—can be found in the metro area.

An aerial view of the city of Atlanta. There are various buildings and skyscrapers. Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

While people often associate major cities with high crime rates, it turns out that many of the safest cities in Georgia are located in metro Atlanta.

According to a new study by Safehome, the top six safest places in the state are found in the metro area.

Topping the list is Peachtree City, located on the southern side of the 13-county metro.

The city—with a population of roughly 35,000—is known for its golf carts and easy access to the airport. With low incidences of violent and property crime, Peachtree City actually ranks among the top 5 percent of cities in the country for safety.

The next five cities on the list are in the north metro area—three in Fulton County and two in Cobb—including Johns Creek, Milton, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta, respectively.

After that, Newnan in Coweta County lands at number seven.

Sandy Springs, ranked at number eight thanks to major drops in both violent and property crime, is the most populous city on the list. Finally, neighboring municipality Brookhaven squeaks in at number 10, after the non-metro Statesboro.

Atlanta proper finds itself at number 23 on the list, bolstered by a dramatic decrease in violent and property crime.

The study utilizes data from the FBI and U.S. Census, weighting crime such as murder, rape, and robbery heavily. Factors such as unemployment, education level, and population statistics also have an impact.