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Midtown student housing tower at 10th Street takes a step forward

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The Mark at Atlanta hopes to move toward construction on the site of an old Domino’s Pizza.

A residential tower, with a glassy first floor of retail.
The proposed building elevation.
CNNA Architects via Midtown Alliance

The developers of a student housing tower, proposed at the corner of Spring and 10th streets, are hoping to move the project forward this month.

CityLife Development Partners and Landmark Development have proposed “The Mark at Atlanta,” to include accommodations for some 800 students. The project was introduce in October, but the Midtown Development Review Committee requested numerous street-level changes.

At last month’s meeting, the developers returned with updated plans, addressing many concerns about the 7,500 square feet of retail space. However, the plans still called for the addition of a curb cut on 10th Street, which is not supported by the DRC.

An almost vacant site among high-rises.
The site as it stands today.
Google Maps

While approval has not been given for the 28-story tower to move forward, the development team is optimistic the final issues can be resolved quickly; they plan to submit drawings to the city for review this month.

If approved, the tower and 380-car parking deck would fill the western half of the block bounded by Spring Street, 10th Street, West Peachtree Street, and Peachtree Place; the site is currently occupied by a Domino’s Pizza and a one-story medical office building.