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The Curbed Cup is coming, Atlanta! Nominate 2017’s best neighborhood

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East Atlanta stepped up and stole the show in ‘16. Who’ll take home the hardware in year seven?

Photos of various Atlanta neighborhoods that have won the Curbed Cup.
A collage of past hallowed champions.

Now that temps are (relatively) chilly and Atlanta’s mayoral drama is (almost) settled, it’s time to turn our focus to the most wonderful time of the year ... in terms of neighborhood pride and year-end reflection.

The Curbed Cup tournament will soon fire up like a Yule log again!

Per heartwarming tradition, Curbed Atlanta readers have chosen the city's “Neighborhood of the Year” for the past six years running, subjectively granting rights to the prestigious, nonexistent Curbed Cup trophy.

But before voting can begin, we need to know which neighborhoods are worthy of such enduring and important glory.

So while the fake pure gold trophy is being forged, we'll be looking for contenders, beginning right now!

A full 16 Atlanta neighborhoods (or ITP cities) will face off in this year's Curbed Cup. But which 16 should they be? Drop your nominations in the comments of this post or an email to us. Here’s how:


Rules for Nominations (all two of them) …

1. With emails, please use the subject line: "CURBED CUP NOMINATION." Email all nominations to the tipline.


2. Very important note: If you nominate more than one Atlanta neighborhood in the comments or an email, we'll count the FIRST ONE you provide. So please make your first choice count.


East Atlanta’s path to everlasting glory in last year’s tournament.

Seeding will be determined by number of nominations.

Again ... seeding will be determined by number of nominations. The neighborhood/ITP city with the most nominations will be seeded No. 1.

But we don't just want neighborhood names—please tell us why your neighborhood deserves to vie for the top spot. There’s no stiff criteria for “Neighborhood of the Year.” It can mean whatever you want it to.

Did a new development in your neighborhood demonstrate surprising architectural integrity? Did the retail scene blossom? Did a game-changing restaurant open? Are your neighbors simply incredible? Let it be known!

Now, let’s take a moment to honor Atlanta’s past winners:

2016: East Atlanta (reigning)

2015: West End

2014: Reynoldstown

2013: Kirkwood

2012: Old Fourth Ward

2011: Inman Park

Which neighborhood will claim the year's ultimate honor? Will West End make it reign again? Can Reynoldstown, Kirkwood, or Old Fourth Ward take the crown and become the first multi-year champs? Can Inman Park claw back to the promised land of 2011? Or will some dark horse—like valiant College Park last year—make a surprising charge for glory?

Soon, we shall see ...