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It’s official: Atlanta will gain 744 acres in 2018

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Emory and CDC annexation marks largest expansion of the city in more than six decades.

An aerial view of the campus with forests and the skyline beyond.
Atlanta will welcome Emory and the CDC into the city limits in January.
Emory University

On Jan. 1, Atlanta will celebrate more than just a new year, as the city marks its largest footprint expansion in more than six decades.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Atlanta City Council has paved the way for the annexation of Emory University and the CDC campus along Clifton Road, with a unanimous vote.

The 744-acre expansion has been in the works for more than a year, requiring lengthy negotiations (and a cash payout) to DeKalb County.

The move means the city’s population will instantly grow by more than 2,000 residents. But the impact is much greater than that.

Annexation paves the way for a long-planned MARTA expansion along Clifton Road. By joining the City of Atlanta, the corridor will now be eligible to receive funding as part of last year’s vote to expand MARTA within city limits.

It’s unclear when a Clifton Road light rail line could come to fruition, but the proverbial foundation for physical tracks will be laid in just a few weeks.

Emory University

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