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La France Walk fills center of Edgewood block with innovative ‘pocket community’

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Located near MARTA, the 24-unit development offers a slice of small-town living in the city.

Two houses in the community.
The new community combines traditional and modern style.
Fredrik Bauer

At first glance, an observer could be forgiven for assuming the homes of La France Walk in Edgewood are relics of a different time.

But while the styling of the residences may appear historic, the new community seeks to address modern living needs for those flocking intown.

The design team at Kronberg Wall has spent the past decade honing plans for the project, which has been rising on the inside of a wooded lot, encircled by existing homes, near Edgewood MARTA Station. (Fun fact: The property was once part of the middle-class Edgewood suburb, founded along a train line in 1899.)

The pocket neighborhood has come a long way from its initial design, with home size and parking provisions shrinking, in favor of more intown-scaled development.

Where large single-family homes were once proposed, attached duplexes are now under construction. The change has boosted the number of residences in the development from 17 to 24, ostensibly reducing prices for buyers as well.

How some larger garages have changed purpose.
Fredrik Bauer

Architect Eric Kronberg recently detailed the design considerations in a post on the firm’s website, highlighting how flexible spaces such as live-work studios, and accessory dwelling units add to the allure for those who may not always need a car, given the half-block proximity to a MARTA station.

In addition to flexible living, the community also features sustainable technology, including rainwater cisterns, solar arrays, and Tesla Powerwalls.

The first phase of the project is now complete, with more new houses slated to rise as 2018 dawns.

Listings aren't available, but for details on pricing and more photos, head over here.

A photo of solar panels on a house at La France Walk.
Solar panels fixed on a roof, invisible from the street.
Jon-Michael Sullivan, Imotophoto
Jon-Michael Sullivan, Imotophoto
Jon-Michael Sullivan, Imotophoto