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Behold! Detailed maps to 200+ pieces of Atlanta street art, murals

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New site makes walking tours easy, pays homage to amazing street works of ATL past.

A collage of street murals locations around Atlanta.

By now, it’s common knowledge that Atlanta has amassed an impressive, evolving collection of street murals and un-commissioned graffiti pieces over the past several years.

Less known: How the heck to find it all.

That’s where Atlanta street art enthusiast (and recently retired engineer) Art Rudick is stepping in.

Inspired by a walking tour of Bushwick, New York, Rudick took on the hobby of photographing Atlanta murals and creating, a catalogue of street-art collections from Grant Park to Buckhead’s Disco Kroger piece—and far beyond.

Graffiti at The Blue Complex, 538 Decatur St., by Patch Whisky.
Curbed Atlanta

He urges Atlantans to view the site not as a coffee table book for seeing works—but a field guide for getting out and experiencing them.

One cool feature is the site’s self-guided walking tours around Little Five Points, East Atlanta, and Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown, which are so specific they include hidden, off-street murals.

“The maps on my website are very detailed and will be updated regularly,” Rudick tells Curbed Atlanta.

The site even includes an in-memoriam vault of sadly covered-up classics of Atlanta street art past.

It’s a handy resource for Atlantans who value vibrant walls, or who’ve been looking for a reason to check out specific neighborhoods.