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Midtown’s Peachtree Street ‘Gateway’ is finally (almost) finished

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Traffic headaches remain as GDOT works to re-stripe Peachtree Road at southern end of Buckhead.

The white arches on both sides of the bridge.
The nearly finished bridge, seen from above.
via Midtown Alliance

Bridges are more common than Peachtree streets in Atlanta, with innumerable roads crisscrossing the metro (and each other), and for the most part, they’re purely utilitarian constructs, meant to convey motorists over an obstacle.

But now, a prominent bridge seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily has something a little more interesting to offer.

After months of construction—and months of delays, due to the Interstate 85 bridge collapse—a spiffy new installation on the Peachtree Street bridge is nearly ready for primetime.

According to Midtown Alliance, construction on the “Gateway” is now substantially complete, with just some minor painting and cleanup remaining.

The bridge, with Midtown beyond.
via Midtown Alliance

Formerly a humdrum, forgettable bridge, bordered by chainlink and less-than-inviting for pedestrians, the structure now boasts planted, barrier-separated sidewalks. Towering white arches, 30 feet above the bridge, signal the transition between Midtown and Buckhead—and the entry into the heart of the city on the interstate.

In case there’s any doubt what road the bridge carries, giant letters spell out “PEACHTREE” and glow at night.

While motorists who travel the route daily may still find construction obstructing their journey, Midtown Alliance indicates the ongoing work is being conducted by GDOT as part of the restriping of Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

The spruced-up bridge is part of a larger initiative across the city to improve the appearance of infrastructure people see every day. Expect more bridges to be beautified—and more pedestrian-friendly—in the near future.