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Open Thread: What random piece of bygone Atlanta do you nostalgically miss most?

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Because it hasn’t been the same on Ponce since Blockbuster closed.

A photo of The original Lenny’s on Memorial Drive.
The original Lenny’s on Memorial Drive.

It’s doubtful anyone will notice the anniversary, but four years ago this month, the death knell officially tolled for a squatty Grant Park dive bar described as the “CBGB of Atlanta,” a wonderfully dingy joint where homegrown acts like Cat Power, Black Lips, Deerhunter, and Janelle Monáe cut their teeth.

The “Wreck the Walls” party paid final homage to the original Lenny’s, welcoming with open arms what neighborhood officials called “smart growth.”

What’s there now? The more grown-up Leonard mixed-use piece, of course.

In a rapidly changing city, it’s just one example of a relatively under-the-radar, bygone place that might never make the history books or a millennial’s Instagram output.

But like the original Masquerade, Murder Kroger, brick-and-mortar Pallookaville Fine Foods, and even the “Gwinnett Is Great” water towers, the memory will live on in our hearts forever. Right?

The venerable Blockbuster on Ponce, circa 2011.
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For this installment of Friday Open Threads, we want to know what bygone piece of Atlanta you find yourself missing from time to time.

It doesn’t have to be ancient, like the Beer Mug or original Rich’s, but it’s cool to miss those, too.

The more random—like Blockbuster on Ponce—the better.