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In Decatur, another affordable housing development is planned

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Sterling at Candler Village will feature 170 units for seniors

A four-story multi-family residential with stone, brick, and stucco.
A rendering for one of the buildings.
Capital One via Multi-Housing News

Affordable housing has become a red-hot topic of late in Atlanta as the city confronts issues of gentrification and equity.

And lately, it almost seems en vogue.

While there’s still a long way to go to address concerns, news has emerged of quite a few affordable housing initiatives, from Midtown to Old Fourth Ward to Oakland City.

Now, a new affordable housing project has been announced in Decatur.

According to Multi-Housing News, The Benoit Group is planning to build a $14.4 million, 170-unit affordable apartment development for seniors earning below the area median income.

The two-building development, to be known as Sterling at Candler Village, will feature one- and two-bedroom units on a 5.5-acre site.

Exactly where the site is wasn’t specified.

Like other recently announced projects, plans call for sustainable design for the building. Residents will be offered amenities like a computer-training program to assist seniors with social media — because grandparents on Facebook are everyone’s favorite— online banking, and accessing government services.

Other programming will include things like exercise classes and arts and crafts.

Expect construction to start soon — and Facebook posts reminding you to call your grandmother more often in 2018.