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Atlanta Cyclorama completes historic trek to Buckhead

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The massive painting was rolled from Grant Park to new home at Atlanta History Center

A crane hoists the large rolled painting into an under-construction building.
Part of the Cyclorama painting being lifted into its new home.
Atlanta History Center

The Battle of Atlanta raged in late July of 1864, ultimately leading to Sherman’s burning of Atlanta — a chapter of the city’s history known the world over thanks to Gone with the Wind.

But beyond literature, the bloody Civil War battle was memorialized in other ways, including a massive oil painting that stretches for longer than a football field; it’s aptly titled The Battle of Atlanta but known around the city as the Cyclorama.

Long a fixture in Grant Park, the century-old artwork made a major move last week to Buckhead, marking a new chapter in the life of the painting. The Atlanta History Center will now serve as steward for the Cyclorama.

For more than a year, work has been underway on the painting’s new home — a $32 million custom-built facility. There’s still much to be done, but the building has come a long way since last fall.

Meanwhile, the painting’s Grant Park home — which has stood since 1921 — will be converted into an events space for adjacent Zoo Atlanta.

Plans call for the full painting to be debuted next year.

Atlanta History Center

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