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Georgia Dome to hold ‘Going out of business’ sale for sports fans

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Over the next few months, Atlanta Falcons fans will have the chance to snag a piece of history

With the depressing conclusion of football season in the history books, Atlanta is now moving on to say its final goodbyes to the Falcons’ roost for the last 25 seasons.

The Georgia Dome is set to be demolished this summer, before football kicks off next door at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But before demo crews move in, the Dome will host a series of mega-sized moving sales.

First to go is the furniture, with pairs of the stadium’s seats now available for purchase through a special website. Season ticket holders are eligible to buy their specific seats, while the general public can snag a random pair for $600, shipping included.

While seats are on sale now, bigger items from the stadium will start to be sold off in April, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Later this winter, a sale geared to industry folks will offer things like kitchen appliances and miscellaneous equipment from throughout the building.

The Dome in the very early (and more aqua) days.

Finally, in April, unique pieces of memorabilia, including pieces of the goal posts, the 50-yard line, player lockers, and signage from the stadium will become available. Be on the lookout for “fan fest garage sale” to come along in late April.

Anyone with Falcons diehards in their life might be wise to start planning for Christmas shopping now.

The Georgia Dome

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