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Along future Atlanta Beltline, Howell Mill space to be renovated

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Redevelopment suggests northward spread of desirability toward Interstate 75

A one-story brick industrial building along Howell Mill Road.
Urban Tree Cidery fronts the soon-to-be rentable building.
Google Maps

Howell Mill Road has become nothing short of a hotbed of development in recent years as the Westside transforms from industrial purgatory to residential and retail central.

While development has primarily been focused south of the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant — bounded by Huff Road and Marietta Street — the district’s popularity is expanding the horizons of investment.

A planning permit filed with the city this week, as well as a property listing, indicates that an old industrial building just north of the Water Treatment Plant is about to receive a makeover compliments of Westside-based Plexus R+D.

Records show the midcentury brick building will be transformed into a space for up to three retail tenants. The building boasts direct access to what’s billed as the “Future Beltline,” though given the fact that rails are still in active use, that future may be many years away.

A rendering of the project. Hopefully the end result will be a bit more exciting than a dental office and office supply store.
Cartel Properties

The building is currently home to Urban Tree Cidery, Drapes & More, and Lamp Arts, but according to a brochure, the remade building will feature at least 9,000 square feet of space that’s still up for grabs.