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Gorgeously renovated Buckhead traditional from 1945 wants $2.3M

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It makes the case for more shingle and stone in Atlanta

A renovated and massive traditional home for sale in Buckhead’s Paces neighborhood.
Curb appeal that leans more classy than ostentatious.
Harry Norman Realtors

In Atlanta’s historic Paces neighborhood, a collection of several hundred homes in western Buckhead bordered by the Chattahoochee River, this renovated shingle-and-stone traditional has waltzed onto the market this week at $2.3 million.

Despite its big proportions and 1-percenter price, the property is more thoroughly charming than look-at-me ostentatious, the sort of revived old sprawler where even the laundry room and mudroom look inviting. And it makes a case for more pretty shingles and bluestone in Atlanta.

As the glorious stone walls suggest, this house is rather aged (the bones date to 1945), though recent interior work by architect Linda MacArthur and Amy Morris Interior Design lend freshness throughout. It blends timeless elegance (see: light fixtures) with a blindingly white kitchen (bait for intown buyers of 2017) and quirks like an interior bench seat suspended by ropes.

It counts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four fireplaces, and more than 2.3 acres of Buckhead land. The square footage must be a closely guarded secret.

Highlights include a rather gorgeous space devoted to breakfast, separate master bathrooms for the king and queen of the house, and a sweet screened porch with fireplace and TV. Per the listing agent, there’s room out back for a pool and sports court, but those things don’t currently exist.

The property last sold for $1.1 million less in the economic sludge of 2012, ostensibly prior to these renovations.

Buyers must be able to stomach a $310 monthly association fee to live here, which probably won’t be much of a deterrent.