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Atlanta history buffs rejoice—Phoenix Flies returns very soon

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Atlanta Preservation Center program offers chance to step into the city’s past

A black and white photo of a light-filled rotunda in the 1913 building.
The impressive rotunda of the Healey Building, one of the sites to visit during Phoenix Flies ‘17.
Wendy Darling

While Atlanta certainly isn't known as the poster child for historic preservation, a plethora of historically rich properties remain standing across the city.

Now, with spring approaching, the Atlanta Preservation Center is gearing up for its annual Phoenix Flies program.

The two-week event allows participants to tour and learn more about historic structures throughout the city and includes many that are often off-limits the rest of the year.

Oh, and it’s free.

Two years ago, we joined the program to explore the maze of streets beneath the parking decks downtown, uncovering remnants of old Atlanta.

In 2017 the series will feature more than 90 properties, including favorite spots like the Fox Theatre and lesser-known venues such as the Wimbish House and Bass Lofts.

Also, expect a chance to go behind the scenes of the Center for Puppetry Arts and the under-construction Cyclorama facility at the Atlanta History Center.

Tours begin on March 4 and run through March 26. Aside from tours, the program has film screenings, lectures, and other education opportunities—more than 170 events total.

For those hungering to learn a bit more about the history of Atlanta, Phoenix Flies presents a chance to dive in headfirst. To really get involved, the initiative is now accepting volunteers.

For more information, contact the Atlanta Preservation Center.

Atlanta Preservation Center

327 Saint Paul Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312 (404) 688-3353