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Brookhaven’s MARTA transit oriented development still on the table after all

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Control of site’s destiny will be key issue moving forward

Earlier this month, after years of wrangling, the long-anticipated Brookhaven transit oriented development plans were officially declared dead.

The developer and city could not reach an agreement regarding tax abatements, density, and other specifics of a large mixed-use idea that would have activated underused parking lots.

At the time, MARTA indicated they would turn their attention to transforming other large parking areas across their system, as with active projects at the Avondale and Edgewood/Candler Park stations.

However, according to Reporter Newspapers, the City of Brookhaven and MARTA are re-examining the possibility of developing the Peachtree Road site.

Aerial view of the station.

City leaders expressed their desires to “reset” the project, and hope to start from scratch to address neighborhood concerns about site use and density. Councilman Joe Gebbia indicated it would be his goal to have Brookhaven select a developer and shape the vision for development directly.

As owner of the site, MARTA’s unlikely to just give up control, so the path forward will be an interesting one to navigate. And watch.

In the end, it sounds like development of the site will come to fruition one way or another. No one wants to accept the 6 acres of asphalt surrounding the station and call it a day.