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Photos: Buckhead’s Sheffield tower comes down for Piedmont expansion

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Work is playing out on Peachtree Road, affording a glimpse of destruction

An excavator tears through a seven-story mid-century building, with part of the tower already demolished.
Demolition progressing on the west side of the building.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

For those with an appetite for destruction, the lunch rush in South Buckhead has offered quite the palette pleaser this week.

As traffic chokes Peachtree and Collier roads, an excavator is getting more than its fill of the old Sheffield Medical Office Building.

A demolition team has been working methodically all week, ripping down floors of the midcentury building. The prime Buckhead site, fronting Piedmont Hospital, is being cleared to allow for the new $600-million Marcus Heart and Vascular Center.

With each bite, a little more of the building’s interior is exposed to passersby. Work will likely continue through the next two weeks as the seven-story building is reduced to rubble.

Proximity to the hospital likely played a role in the decision to slowly bring the building down.

Demolition fans who fancy a more explosive finish are in luck; the former State Archives Building is slated for implosion in less than two weeks.

And the city’s most high-profile implosion—the Georgia Dome—will take place some time this summer. So 2017 is shaping up to be quite destructive in Atlanta.