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Westside Atlanta trail to connect Bellwood Quarry, Chattahoochee River

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Funding has been announced for the trail, planned to stretch 7 miles and encompass some 450 acres

A view up serene Proctor Creek during the fall.
The trail will run along Proctor Creek, seen here.
Ryan Gravel

The Chattahoochee River supplies metro Atlanta with drinking water, an exceedingly important role, but it’s probably one of the area’s most underutilized recreational resources.

Now, plans are materializing to tie what could become the city's biggest park—Bellwood Quarry—in with the river.

According to the Saporta Report, $3 million of TSPLOST funds will allow for the construction of a seven-mile pedestrian and bicycle trail that will lead from Maddox Park (near Bankhead MARTA Station) out to the Chattahoochee River to the west.

The trail will follow Proctor Creek, forming a unique greenway that links urbanity and nature. Eventually, the Westside Beltline will tie in to the trail, and with connectivity to MARTA it will allow Atlantans an opportunity to access the Chattahoochee on foot (or bike) from the heart of the city.

Along with the trail, the project will provide 50 acres of linear park and another 400 acres of protected green space, officials said.

In addition to the trail funding, the city is contributing $1.5 million more to help clean and protect the Proctor Creek watershed moving forward.

While preliminary plans are due to be complete by the end of April, this trail is just the beginning when it comes to embracing the Chattahoochee River. Chattahoochee Now has developed strategies for opening up access to 53 miles of river frontage in the city.

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