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Sandy Springs faces tough decision with Mercedes-Benz

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The city’s big corporate acquisition is wanting to rename a road, and neighbors aren't thrilled

Construction on Mercedes-Benz’s new headquarters in Sandy Springs is cruising along, but city leaders are facing some tricky bumps in the road.

According to Reporter Newspapers, a neighbor of a higher power isn't too pleased about one of the automaker's requests.

Way back in 2015, it was announced that Mercedes-Benz hoped the thoroughfare the new facility sits on—Barfield Road—would be renamed as Mercedes-Benz Drive, in homage to its former address in New Jersey.

The change would affect a relatively short stretch of road, including just four neighboring properties.

However, the Mercedes-Benz facility's next-door neighbor, the Atlanta Georgia Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, isn't keen on the measure.

The Mormon Temple, which predates the Mercedes-Benz Office complex by more than three decades, is adamant that the road remain as it is.

A representative for the church indicated that values of Mercedes-Benz hardly align with those of the religious institution.

The Atlanta Mormon Temple, fronting what could become Mercedes-Benz Drive.

And it turns out the Mormons aren’t the only ones upset about the possible name change. Descendants of the Barfield family—an old farming clan for whom the street is named—are also against the renaming.

The renaming initiative is slated to go before the Sandy Springs City Council on March 7.

Landing the major corporate tenant was a big deal. So it’ll be interesting to see if Sandy Springs sides with their new German import or longtime neighbors the Latter Day Saints.