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$2.2M Ansley Park new-build touted as masterful, unrivaled

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Nearly 5,000 square feet with Midtown skyline views

A new custom house in Ansley Park, Atlanta, near Midtown.
A nouveau tudor?
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty

This handsome five-bedroom on an Ansley Park hilltop presents a case where immodest listing language might be appropriate.

Phrases such as “absolutely stunning” and “unrivaled quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail” are pointing to elements such as copper guttering, strategic landscape lighting, the “jaw-dropping kitchen” with its pro appliances and ironwork windows, and the herringbone stonework of the living-room fireplace.

So it’s the level of integrity Atlanta buyers should expect for a $2.2-million new-construction—even in one of intown’s most coveted locations, basically in the shadow of Midtown high-rises.

Spanning almost 5,000 square feet across the vast majority of this lot, the custom home is the product of a “master collaboration” between Greg Busch Architects—a boutique Atlanta firm specializing in “timeless architecture”—and builder Mike Hammersmith, per the listing.

It’s loaded with built-ins and unexpected nooks, all atop a sprawling basement with a stained-concrete floor that can make your feet chilly just looking at it.

The highlight, though, is probably the great-room/veranda combo, separated by Centor Integrated Doors and punctuated with one of those oversized fans reminiscent of Central American airports.

Nothing in this section of Atlanta comes cheap, and this listing joins a half-dozen others in Ansley Park above the $2-million threshold right now. The single-family teardown previously on the site sold for a cool half-million itself in October 2015.