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Akon lists Alpharetta home for nearly $7 million

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Built in 2014, the all-white palace features a bowling alley

An all-white interior of a living room with two-story ceiling and round chandelier.
Inside the ice-white home.

Akon may be known for his music, but it seems the rapper is dancing into the metro Atlanta real estate game.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Akon has listed his three-year-old Alpharetta mansion less than two months after he sold another metro home of his, which had been listed since May.

While the home he previously sold was a bit dated, the latest offering is brand spanking new, with work still underway to construct the in-house bowling alley.

Icy-white both inside and out, the mansion is like something out of Frozen.

With six bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a staggeringly large nine-car garage, the sprawling abode is clearly designed for those who live large. And like any good musician, Akon also included a piano room and recording studio in the design.

Records show Akon purchased the 4.6-acre site, part of the Atlanta National Club, for $1.65 million back in 2008. Now, the artists is hoping to score nearly $7 million on the sale. You can bet, if the sale goes through, he’ll be singing “I’m So Paid” all the way to the bank.