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MARTA: Brookhaven TOD project is officially dead

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Transit agency makes call after months-long battle with DeKalb County city

In a massive blow to MARTA’s transit-oriented development initiative, the proposed $200 million mixed-use development slated to swallow the parking lots around the Brookhaven-Oglethorpe Station is officially kaput.

The AJC reports that MARTA officials made the call following months of debate about density, land use, and tax-relief measures between the DeKalb County city and developers The Integral Group and Transwestern.

Proposed more than three years ago, the project was to include a hotel, retail, apartments, condos, and a Krog Street Market-esque food hall. The development would have consumed 15 acres of parking lots surrounding the station, adjacent to Peachtree Road.

Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst opined to the AJC that the proposal looked “too similar” to other mixed-use developments in the metro, but was “sorry” that things didn’t work out.

However, just because things went off the rails with the initial plan doesn’t mean redevelopment won’t happen on the site. According to Ernst, many other developers are interested in partnering with the city.

For their part, MARTA isn’t all that discouraged, indicating they will focus their energies on other TODs across the system. Projects at Avondale and Edgewood/Candler Park are on track for completion in the next year or so.

Part of the Avondale TOD, currently under construction.
Dwell Design Studio via CoUrbanize