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Atlanta’s double-dose of Mattress Firms on same street an enduring mystery

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Moreland Avenue’s appetite for fresh mattresses must be insatiable. The company is mum.

These two Mattress Firm locations all but face each other. What’s the meaning of this?
These two Mattress Firm locations all but face each other. What’s the meaning of this?
Curbed Atlanta

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, look no further than Atlanta’s own mattress district.

You didn’t know we had one? Venture to Moreland Avenue, and you’ll see two Mattress Firm locations across the street from each other with identical opening hours.

One is in Edgewood, and the newer one is in Reynoldstown. That proximity has been the source of countless inside jokes — and ceaseless intrigue — for intown Atlantans the last several months.

In hopes of simply answering why the Reynoldstown Mattress Firm opened across the street from another store, Curbed Atlanta repeatedly reached out to the company — and came back empty-handed. Not a (mattress) squeak about the two neighboring locations.

In the interest of transparency, let’s review the many ways we tried to talk with Mattress Firm about their double-dose of eastside Mattress Firms.

We scoured Mattress Firm’s corporate website and press releases for media contacts. We looked for mentions of spokespeople in news stories. We reached out to Mattress Firm’s corporate communications staff on LinkedIn. We obtained the corporate office’s number and contacted a marketing email that was provided. We tweeted at and Facebook messaged Mattress Firm.

No answer on any of these platforms.

We contacted the Edgewood and Reynoldstown locations to see if they could help. The Edgewood location advised us to contact Mattress Firm’s corporate office. But we’d already hit that brick wall.

The new Reynoldstown location said to speak with the area manager for Mattress Firm. We called but couldn’t reach him for comment.

In short, we have no answer as to why Moreland Avenue has two Mattress Firm locations across the street from one another. The company is keeping that information quiet.

Do Atlantans buy a surplus of mattresses? Is there a fresh mattress shortage afoot? Are the good people of Edgewood and Reynoldstown taking their pillow forts to the next level? Perhaps we will never know.