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Spruced-up Loring Heights bungalow asks $550K next to Midtown, Atlantic Station

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A little piece of Brooklyn (Avenue) in Atlanta

A renovated white bungalow in Atlanta’s Loring Heights.
Not your typical ATL facade.
Beach & Company

Here’s a style you don’t see every day in Atlanta proper: a (relatively) porchless bungalow that almost casts the appearance of a small white church from afar.

Standing on Brooklyn Avenue since c. 1940, this recent one-story reno wants a hair shy of $550,000. That doesn’t exactly buy an estate in Loring Heights—a pie-shaped neighborhood bordering Atlantic Station and Interstate 75—these days.

In fact, that’ll buy three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,759 square feet, highlighted by an airy living room with valued ceilings, a bay window, and nifty fireplace now encased in either quartz or marble.

Per the listing, the guts were ripped from this place (including electrical), and then it was refilled with quartz countertops and backsplashes, snazzy bathrooms, and cabinetry that’s generally lovely.

As bonuses, the listing promises “walking distance to shops and restaurants” and zoning for “East Rivers school district,” which must be a good thing.

It sold for $325,000 last summer.