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$860K Morningside listing dubbed ‘a modern piece of art’

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Affection for glass blocks required

The living room of a 1980s modern house in Atlanta.
The living room’s incredible proportions.
Beacham and Company

Atlanta buyers in the market for a living room where echoes are possible and trampoline acrobatics wouldn’t be a problem should take note.

Where Virginia-Highland meets Morningside-Lenox Park, on what the listing describes as one of “the best intown streets in Atlanta,” this three-bedroom from 1986 is a wonderland of stucco and right angles.

As exhibited in the soaring living room, it embraces the complex forms inherent in postmodern residences—and as such, it won’t be for everybody.

Positioned off North Highland Avenue with a large private backyard, this “modern piece of art” counts 2,716 square feet, loads of glass block, and what looks like a Malm fireplace with a giant vent pipe. It doesn’t want for natural light—or patterned carpeting. The price tag: $860,000.

The atypical kitchen.

The kitchen qualifies as gourmet (and certainly non-boring), while the screened porch is an unexpected touch. From top to bottom, the place looks well-maintained for its Miami Vice-era vintage.

But for buyers who aren’t really into fortresses, the curb appeal could leave something to be desired.