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Clermont Hotel’s iconic neon signs removed as work plows ahead

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With windows gone, interior demolition work is well underway at the Ponce de Leon Avenue stalwart

The shell of the brick building stands with light shining through from all the windows missing.
That just doesn’t look right.
Terry Kearns

After an agonizingly slow start, hampered by a range of issues, the Clermont Hotel renovation is in full swing.

This week, the iconic — yet very beat-up — neon sign in the parking lot and the marquee above the front door were taken down to be restored to their former glory.

The removal of the signs marks a very visible milestone for Ponce de Leon Avenue’s most famous hotel atop a strip club.

Since the “groundbreaking” ceremony in October, work has been steadily progressing on the historic tax credit-enabled redevelopment project.

In keeping with the tax credit requirements, the building will retain its original character. The old windows were removed over the last few months, but they’ll be replaced by energy-efficient replicas.

Plans call for the nearly century-old brick building to transform from derelict dive to boutique beauty. The spruced-up building will feature a rooftop bar and high-end hotel rooms when it opens at the end of this year.