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Midtown Atlanta loft is bittersweet love story for seller

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Alas, all wonderful relationships must fade into the night. For about $400K

A condo for sale at the 905 Peachtree building in Midtown Atlanta.
The interior palette is decidedly more arctic (and minimal) than 2014.
Above Atlanta Realtors

Leigh McAdams’ smittenness with Unit 216 at Midtown’s 805 Peachtree condos, a former government office building from the 1950s, began on these pages back in 2014.

McAdams was just beginning to scout Midtown for a home when a much browner Unit 216 emerged here with a $299,900 price tag that May.

Harp music ensued.

“I went and checked it out and fell in love with the building, the location, and the potential I saw in the loft,” writes McAdams. “Now, I am headed to grad school and listing it myself ... It’s a fantastic building and community in a really fun neighborhood, and I have absolutely loved living here.”

Boldly marketed as the best-priced two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft in all of Midtown, Unit 216 certainly has a fresh face—a pure-white aesthetic that extends up to the ductwork—and a more minimal feel overall. (The furniture is for sale, too, at additional cost.) Updates include some lighting and the fridge.

The new price (exactly $100,000 more than the last time Unit 216 beckoned the world) is reflective of increases across the city.

For a 1,445-square-foot Midtown condo within a short stroll of more than 100 restaurants and Piedmont Park, the $399,900 ask could scream, “Bargain!” But this building’s legendarily high HOA fees ($653 monthly for this unit) are nothing to sneeze at. The fees do include cable, Internet, gas, a concierge, and perks like the saltwater pool, sizable fitness center, and “two prime covered parking spaces.”

In its browner state, Unit 216 ultimately sold for $270,000 in June 2014—which was $60,000 less than it’d last traded for in 2005. Ouch.

Atlanta condo hunters hungry for non-cramped spaces in unique buildings with primo locales just might find much to love here, too.