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$645K custom Kirkwood Craftsman is deceptively not old

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It’s all about the details on Dunwoody Street

A 2008 craftsman-style house in Kirkwood Atlanta
A picket fence and fresh paint.
Harry Norman Realtors

A stone’s throw from Kirkwood’s commercial village stands this Craftsman-style four-bedroom that, at first blush, appears to be a well-preserved property from a bygone age.

But this beefy intown abode on a very suburb-sounding lane—Dunwoody Street, a family name that put the “wood” in Kirkwood, legend has it—was born just as the market was going to hell in 2008.

It’s described as “custom designed” and certainly maximizes its use of the land, with an interior chockfull of detailed molding and charming surprises like a breakfast nook and elegant, wall-sized built-ins. While not every fuddy-duddy’s cup of tea, the dining room paneling is a bold choice that jazzes up the joint.

With a hair over 2,700 square feet, it’s a large house but not a monster, with two useful facets in the screened back porch and what’s either a giant crawlspace or a very low-ceilinged, unfinished basement. The price: $645,000.

Just think: Back in 2011, as that godawful recession was ending, this house could be had for the $380,000s.