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Buckhead’s $2.5M ‘Enchanted Cottage’ described as magical, uplifting jewel

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Listing: This “palace of the soul” is like cosmically astounding

One magical facet of a cottage in Buckhead described as enchanted.
Enchantment abounds in this white-painted entertainment wing.
Photography: Alexander Lewis/A Lewis Films

Sometimes it’s best to just get out of the way and let extremely entertaining listing descriptions speak for themselves. This sprawling, postwar Buckhead property dubbed “The Enchanted Cottage” presents one such case.

Here now, the top five moments from this one single listing:

5. The home is “an incomparable magical estate that holds the heart of Buckhead.”

4. “This is LA in GA.”

3. “As you arrive at the end of the day, a place that tells you, ‘It's just the beginning.’ Welcome Home.”

2. “In a world full of craziness there are few respites. This jewel is one of them.”

1. “Enchanted by few owners over almost seven decades, this palace of the soul was created for romantics, earth shapers, and the magically inclined.”

All of that really happened.

Switching now to facts and other practical information, The Enchanted Cottage makes marvelous use of these 2 acres on upscale Tuxedo Road, offering 4,500 square feet of cozy-chic interiors by Kim Zimmerman.

It listed this week, replete with drone footage, for $2.57 million. Highlights include the gorgeous pool area and what looks like an entire, whitewashed wing dedicated to entertainment. Lowlight: just three bedrooms among all this space?

The Enchanted Cottage last listed two years ago at $2.4 million but was ultimately yanked from the market after seven months. The listing photos, at least, are vastly superior this time around.

Will a flush buyer in need of a soul palace fall under the cottage’s spell? Only time will tell.