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Sandy Springs renames street for Mercedes-Benz... sorta

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Just a tiny portion of Barfield Road—directly in front of the company’s new headquarters—will become Mercedes-Benz Drive

The building is surrounded by surface parking lots and dwarfed by a massive parking deck at the rear.
An aerial view of the new headquarters building.
Mercedes-Benz via BisNow

A long-running debate, oddly pitting the Mormon Church against German car company Mercedes-Benz, has been resolved in Sandy Springs.

The Sandy Springs City Council voted unanimously to rename a section of Barfield Road to Mercedes-Benz Drive, following through on a promise made when the auto-industry Goliath announced the relocation of their North American headquarters to Sandy Springs.

However, the change will only affect the stretch of street immediately in front of the company’s driveway, according to Reporter Newspapers.

The renaming will impact a mere 500 feet of pavement—a distance a hurtling Mercedes could cover in less than a second—leaving the next door Mormon temple with a Barfield Road address.

While supporters of the name change argued it would be a nod to a company that’s bringing investment to the city, opponents fear the action opens the door for other corporate wrangling with the city in the future.

One neighbor quipped that the renaming would set a precedent for the creation of “Starbucks Street.” Oh, how delicious.