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Renderings: Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s 100 Yard Club

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The football field-long gathering place will feature 300 feet of food and drinks for fans

Looking down the long club, with a football field striped floor and lights.
A view of the 100 Yard Club, where trying to tackle those pillars is inadvisable.
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

While the first kickoff (and soccer match) at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is still months away, new renderings show what one of the coliseum’s most unique public spaces will look like.

The 100 Yard Club, as the gathering place is called, will be a football field-length food hall, complete with concessions and bars open to all fans.

To play up the football field theme, the floor and ceiling of the area are marked with the typical hashes and yard line numbers found out on the gridiron.

According to a press release accompanying the images, the club will be the first of its kind in a stadium.

In addition to the club, expect other unique food and beverage options in the stadium, including a beer garden on the lower seating level.

If the season ends the way it did last year, there’s bound to be an open yard for drowning Falcoholic sorrows.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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