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Peachtree Street in heart of Midtown Atlanta to get rock-climbing gym... really

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Plans call for Stone Summit to open a location in a revamped office building north of 3rd Street

People watch as others climb tall walls.
Inside one of Stone Summit’s existing Atlanta locations.
Stone Summit

The makeover of a tired 1970s office building at Peachtree and 3rd streets is nearing completion, and the transformation has a mountainous surprise in store.

While its base has been spruced up, the building still appears like any run-of-the-mill office block, but according to What Now Atlanta, part of the inside will be transformed into a new location for popular rock-climbing gym Stone Summit.

Earlier this year, it was unveiled that 715 Peachtree—redeveloped by Carter—would be home to more co-working office space. The rock-climbing facility, meanwhile, is a first for Midtown.

While it’s unclear exactly what will go into the gym, the constraints of the office building likely mean it will feature bouldering and machines, as opposed to a full-fledged rock wall.

We’ll update when more news is available. For now, Stone Summit operates gyms in northeast Atlanta off Interstate 85 and in Kennesaw.

A rendering of how the exterior of the building will look when completed.