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Midtown’s Hanover West Peachtree finally reaches seven floors

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After nearly two years, the building is beginning to look like a building

A seven-story building, still under construction.
Hanover West Peachtree, from Spring Street.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Big news: Midtown's most infuriatingly slow-moving development is finally looking like an inhabitable building.

Hanover West Peachtree, a seven-story residential build on 10th Street between Spring and West Peachtree streets, is meandering toward completion.

After a slothful start, the project has plodded through construction, even as apartment towers have risen more quickly around it.

The project was green-lighted back in August 2014, paving the way for the demotion of one of Midtown’s most suburban-style strongholds: a drive-thru Checkers. Site constraints—and pesky underground parking construction—have hampered progress over the years.

Slated to feature about 330 rentals, the project should finally debut sometime this year.

Once open, the building will feature 14,000 square feet of retail along the northern side of 10th Street. And while that will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, the best news is that pedestrians will be able to use the sidewalks on the block for the first time since 2015.

A rendering of the building from 10th and Spring streets.
A rendering of what the project will look like when complete.