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Downtown Atlanta master plan process an ambitious undertaking

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Document to shape the future of Atlanta’s core is all-encompassing; online input sought through month’s end

People look at drawings and information in the lobby of the Rialto.
A crowd reviewing the Downtown Atlanta master plan last week.
Central Atlanta Progress

With new construction—and plans for hotels, residences, and offices galore—downtown Atlanta is seeing a development wave that for a long time has been crashing on the shores of its northern neighbor Midtown.

In an attempt to help shape and guide development as it comes, Central Atlanta Progress has undertaken the creation of a new master plan for downtown.

Residents got their first glimpse at plans, and a chance to weigh in on the process, last week at a town hall meeting held at the Rialto Theater in the heart of downtown.

Nearly 500 folks came through to view the plan and add their 2 cents.

Participants dove in to the planning process, adding comments to a sprawling map of the area, leaving comments on pictures of other cities, taking surveys about transportation and amenities they would like to see in the neighborhood, and even designing their ideal street.

The creation of the master plan will take a year, and feedback from the community will shape the final document.

An online version of the survey is available through the end of the month.

Check out highlights—with amazing historical photos and thought-provoking graphics—from the presentation: