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Atlanta is a major magnet for long-haul domestic movers, study suggests

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Online searches indicate people from New York, Miami, and Chicago are flocking to Atlanta

While New York, Miami, and Chicago may not have much in common, a new study by SpareFoot (in partnership with found that all three cities are losing citizens to Atlanta.

That is, if the online moving search habits of people from those cities are any indication.

It turns out that Chicagoans, Miamians, and New Yorkers are flocking to the Big Peach in big numbers, with the three cities appearing in the top 12 of most popular long-distance moving routes searched for in the United States.

Notably, moving from Atlanta does not appear on the list at all.

The stats aren’t much of a surprise, given the relatively inexpensive living found in Atlanta, compared to other—and especially coastal—cities.

Between the affordable cost of living and growth of job markets, the population of metro Atlanta is expected to top 8 million residents by 2040.

Atlantans should feel a sense of pride, as other cities aren’t so fortunate.

According to our colleagues at Curbed Chicago, the Windy City lost nearly 20,000 residents in 2016, continuing a trend that had started in 2015.

Those stats refer to the Chicago metro, aka Chicagoland, but the Windy City proper lost 3,000 residents last year—and it’s quickly losing ground to Sunbelt powerhouse Houston as America’s third largest city, according to a Crain’s report.

But for Atlanta, it seems that the future is bright. Maybe there’s something to be said for Southern hospitality.