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Downtown Atlanta implosion has definitive time this Sunday

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The old State Archives building will be imploded to make way for a new State Judicial Complex

The Archives Building near Turner Field.
Come Sunday morning, this building will be no more than a pile of rubble.
Brewers Mission 162

For those hoping to see the explosive demise of the old State Archives building in downtown, get your alarms set.

State officials have announced that the white marble building will be imploded at 6:59 on Sunday morning.

According to the AJC, the morning will start early with remarks by Gov. Nathan Deal and other dignitaries in a parking lot behind Liberty Plaza, just across the interstate from the site.

With the blast, the five-decade-old facility will pass into history, much like many of the relics it once housed before the archives were relocated due to a host of engineering issues. But once gone, the building will live on in the many movies that used it as a filming location.

While the event won’t last more than a few seconds, the demolition is only the beginning for the site. Plans call for the construction of a $105-million State Judicial Complex—the most expensive government building ever to rise in Georgia—to be built on the highly visible site.

For those who aren’t morning people, we’ll post pictures of the event when the dust clears.