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Atlanta’s I-85 fire, bridge collapse yield consternation, awesome Tweets

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If you’re going to be stuck in hellish traffic, it helps to make fun of it

Meme says “MARTA Tomorrow,” with a picture of an overcrowded train with people riding on the roof and hanging onto the sides and front.
One of many circulating memes following last night’s interstate inferno.

In a scenario usually reserved for ice storms and coast-battering hurricanes, the Governor has declared a State of Emergency, schools and offices have announced closures, and the immense interstates of Atlanta are eerily quiet.

Of course, the cause of the chaos is the disaster-movie collapse of a portion of Interstate 85, which carries more than 250,000 vehicles per day into the city.

While alternative routes do exist, the near-future for those who commute along I-85 or Ga. Highway 400 into or out of the city seems pretty bleak.

For those impacted by the collapse, a good chuckle is likely little consolation for the time that will be lost to traffic.

Nonetheless, Twitter has come alive to provide some creative takes on the matter...

Zombie apocalypse:

Just when we thought we were moving up in the world:

This one burns a bit:

Tweets for history buffs:

For fans of The Dukes of Hazzard:

Paying homage to the last major event that brought the city to a standstill. (But at least snow melts).

If Sandra Bullock drove for MARTA:

Good luck navigating the northern side of the city over the next few months, as Atlanta deals with the fallout from #Ieightyfried.