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In Reynoldstown, 3,500 square feet of rustic-chic costs $769K

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Pieces of 1840s house were integrated into this airy new-build

A modern farmhouse style home in Atlanta, fresh on the market. Sage Real Estate Advisors

This latest entrant into Atlanta’s growing cannon of so-called modern farmhouses has several unique facets, which probably inspired the listing agent to go all first-person and make this claim: “If I wasn't trying to sell it, I might charge admission for this one.”

Luckily, visual entry is free via the photos below, and they reveal one large room after another, with generally clean aesthetics punctuated by saloon-like splashes and barnyard chutzpah. It’s a big bet on all that is rustic-chic.

This four-bedroom, 3,500-square-footer recently finished around the corner from Reynoldstown’s MARTA station and Atlanta’s Mattress District, which means walkability is pretty solid. Asking is $769,000.

With ceilings that must soar 18 feet at least, the living room stands out, girded on the lofty second level by custom railings.

Details throughout the home that are actually old include those inimitable wood beams from an 1840s home, marble from the Atlanta History Center, and the flooring of a former cotton mill used for accents and shelving, per the listing.

Wood cabinetry and what looks like a vintage sink in the laundry room signal impressive attention to detail. Imaginative bathrooms setups are chockfull of detailed tiling. The stonework and fireplace configuration in the backyard is decidedly not builder-grade. But for buyers who prefer a simpler palette, it could all be a tad much.

The parking situation is driveway only—probably owing to the size of the house itself—but at least the gate comes with.

And, course, having the new Station R mixed-use nugget as a backyard neighbor compromises privacy, but such is life in an urban setting sometimes.