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East Lake ‘modern farmhouse’ with reclaimed flourishes hopes to lasso $490K

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Four-bedroom property earns a H/T for thoughtful staging

A modern farmhouse-style home in East Lake, Atlanta.
The old-wood motif hardly ends there.
Keller Williams

Back in 2014, an Edgewood renovation raised eyebrows around Atlanta by proclaiming itself a “modern farmhouse,” then a fresh, vaguely Scandinavian style that leaned on elements like reclaimed wood, vertical siding, and minimalist railings.

Nearly three years later, the aesthetic shows few signs of petering out. The latest farmhouse product has popped on the market in East Lake, a few steps south of the neighborhood’s storied golf course.

“You have to see the details to believe them!” shouts the listing agent, namely referring to reclaimed wood that’s in no short supply here.

The old-wood motif begins at the front porch, extends to the living-room accent wall, and makes pitstops at barn doors and vanities throughout these 1,892 square feet. Reclaimed lumber appears to have made an appearance on the second-story sniper’s porch as well.

The appropriate staging is a breath of fresh air, meshing with the custom lighting and “designer touches” throughout. Perks include the highly livable back porch that’s congruous with the style

Potential drawback: The property offers off-street parking but lacks a garage.

The house may have reused the former home’s foundation, but all else is drastically different. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an asking price of $489,900.

The lot’s predecessor, which sold for $85,000 a year ago.
Keller Knapp