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Prime Eastside Beltline site could be sold for development

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The 10-acre Georgia Power marshaling yard boasts an enviable location near PCM, Historic Fourth Ward Park, the Masquerade, and 725 Ponce

Google maps 3D view of the area, which is dominated by a parking lot.
An aerial view of the site looking north, with Historic Fourth Ward Park, the Masquerade, Ponce City Market, the Beltline, and the 725 Ponce site.
Google Maps

The big news keeps coming this week for the Beltline's Eastside trail.

One of the largest undeveloped tracts of land along the popular path will be listed for sale next month. The 10-acre site currently serves as an operations center and marshaling yards for Georgia Power.

According to the AJC, Georgia Power is exploring options to offload the property, which borders the Beltline, Historic Fourth Ward Park, and the Masquerade site.

The site is one of the few remaining relics of the industrial uses which, until recently, defined the neighborhood.

Nearby neighbors that have been reimagined since the arrival of the Beltline include Ponce City Market and Murder Kroger.

The possibilities are seemingly endless for the tract, which could host an array of uses from residential, to retail, to commercial, to office.

No price has been released for the site, and Georgia Power indicates that while they plan to test the market, they aren’t necessarily ready to accept offers.