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MARTA unveils new TOD at King Memorial Station

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Project will include 400 apartments and 10,000 square feet of retail space in the station’s former parking lots

A white and black boxy six-story building will vertical and horizontal brown fins.
A previously released rendering for the project. It’s not clear if they planned building will look like this.

King Memorial MARTA Station (the city’s most photogenic transit station) will soon have its parking lots filled with a new mixed use development—finally.

The transit agency revealed that contracts have been awarded to Place Properties and H.J. Russell & Company to move forward with the $51.3 million project, which will be built south of the station, abutting Oakland Cemetery and nearly extending to Memorial Drive.

According to Atlanta Loop, the development will include 400 apartment units and 10,000 square feet of retail space. At least 80 of the units will be made available as affordable housing.

Construction is slated to start later this year on the project, though expect the development to appear a bit different than most as it goes up.

The units will be modular, allowing them to be constructed offsite and hoisted into place. The method should allow for construction to proceed relatively quickly.

The view from the station platform at King Memorial.
Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

King Memorial joins the growing list of stations with active or proposed transit oriented developments.