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Custom Kirkwood bungalow is rich with wood accents, old bits for $379K

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Arts-and-Crafts style to the max at revived 1925 property

A small bungalow for sale in Kirkwood Atlanta for $379,000. Origins Real Estate

A couple of blocks from Kirkwood’s commercial core, this all-brick bungalow was rescued from foreclosure in 2003 and painstakingly restored with surprises large and small.

Little surprises include stained glass from a Victorian in Philadelphia and doorknobs from a local watering hole.

Large ones include the galley-style kitchen, which takes a more contemporary turn from the otherwise Arts-and-Crafts stylings here, resplendent with so much oak detailing and built-in cabinetry. The bones date to 1925.

Beyond a front yard bursting with plant life, the exterior includes a side porch and very red deck. Inside, the original fireplace and vintage bathroom with heated tile floors are highlights.

According to super-exclusive authorized listing background obtained by Curbed Atlanta, the home’s solid-oak doors should be conversation pieces in themselves:

“The exterior front and side doors are original creations by master craftsman woodworker, Dana Ross of Atlanta, built in 2014. The front door incorporates period stained glass from a Victorian-architecture home in Philadelphia, repurposed from the original Wrecking Bar of Little Five Points. The door to the driveway has solid brass peephole hardware that is whimsical and functional!”

But wait—there’s more:

“The interior doors were all rebuilt to match the original style of the house. The door knobs were purchased from the Wrecking Bar in Little Five Points. The owners especially like that the door knobs have original locks—with keys.”

Listed at $379,900, it’s a relatively affordable entree into the neighborhood, but size limitations (1,209 square feet and a single bathroom) are real. On the bright side, the home manages to offer three bedrooms and 900 square feet of basement that includes a laundry area.

The super-exclusive pre-listing language does include this note: “The lot is large, and suitable for a lateral build-out and/or top-floor addition.”

Hopefully, any future changes are done with love, too.