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Atlanta Design Festival: meet the eclectic modern homes on this year’s tour

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Architecture fiesta formerly known as Design is Human Atlanta returns in early June

An array of modern residential architecture in Atlanta.
An array of modern residential architecture in Atlanta.
Photography courtesy of Atlanta Design Festival

Come early June, spotlights will shine on fresh examples of Atlanta’s modern home movement from Chastain Park to Piedmont Heights, Morningside, Virginia-Highland and beyond.

Organized by MA!, the Atlanta Design Festival (formerly Design is Human Atlanta) returns to the Big Peach from June 2 to 11.

This year’s theme: Design Economy in Atlanta and America’s Southeast.

Hard to believe, but the festival turns a decade old this year. A perennial favorite is the tour of modern homes, which highlights the best of Atlanta’s sustainable, contemporary, and otherwise innovative design.

Additional homes—and commercial properties on a similar tour—will likely be added before showtime. Satellite tours of impressive modern domiciles are also scheduled for Athens and Asheville.

Tickets for all three residential city tours are $40—or $95 for a VIP shuttle service in Atlanta. The Residential Atlanta tour is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 10 and 11.

Featured homes are previewed here, for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order:

908 Kings Court

Description: Cubist modern architecture located in the heart of Morningside.

Architecture: Kirkman Architects


Nejad residence

Description: Located in an intern neighbourhood where homes sit fairly close to one another, the Nejad residence takes advantage of a nearby nature reserve for additional privacy and beauty.

Architecture: Plexus r+d



Description: A three-level single family dwelling located in one of Atlanta's first suburban communities.

Architecture and Design: Plexus r+d



Description: Bryant sits on a previously developed lot, which had a home circa 1970's in precarious condition.

Architecture: K_Souki Design S., Sani Construction

Bonus exterior pic:


Photography courtesy of Atlanta Design Festival

Mifflin Hood

Description: Acclaimed Atlanta architecture studio breaths new life into a 100-year old historic landmark.

Renovation Architect: BLDGS


House 5079

Description: 5079 conveys a clean, minimalist concept while embracing the simplicity of block forms in an innovative fashion.

Architecture: J.A. Coutinho + M.P. Landry



Description: Modern addition architecture integrated into early 20th century bungalow.

Architect: Bork Design Inc.

Bonus interior/exterior pic:



Description: A conditioned renovated space in Chastain Park with additional architecture for an active family of four.

Architecture & Interior Design: Dencity LLC

Bonus exterior pic:


Spring Valley

Description: A custom modern design inspired by the owner's love of cantilevers, angles and levels.

Architecture and Design: Jordache K. Avery of XMETRICAL LLC

Bonus interior pic:


Rock Springs

Description: A clean, modern infill. Rock Springs project has transformed a once-blighted lot in Piedmont Height's into a dynamic home for a young family.

Architecture: Axios Architecture LLC


River Valley

Description: A modern house that transitions seamlessly into a mature, traditional Atlanta neighbourhood.

Architecture: Splice Design Dawn Bennett (AIA), Legacy Custom Homes LLC

Any early favorites?