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Analysis: Atlanta is a top-three U.S. goldmine for Airbnb properties

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Like Nashville and Denver, short-term renting is hot (and profitable) here, study finds

A graphic showing hot rental cities in the u.s.
An illustration of hot spots for aggravated hoteliers.

Looking for a killer Atlanta staycation this spring? Or a place to stash visiting family that isn’t your own house?

From historic four-bedrooms on Piedmont Park, to an Edgewood Avenue “penthouse,” and “EAV hipster” tiny home for $70 per night, Atlanta has no shortage of Airbnb options.

And for good reason. These short-term rental properties in the ATL are cash cows, relatively speaking, according to a study that places Atlanta in the top three urban markets for generating income via Airbnb.

The annual report by website, called “The 125 Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental Property in 2017,” examined common factors in cities and popular vacation destinations across the county.

These variables included: real estate prices; the overall popularity of the tourist destination; insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs; and the average, annual return on investment (ROI) that Atlanta property owners have been making on vacation rentals.

It makes sense considering Atlanta ranks among the country’s most visited cities—in the same ballpark as Las Vegas—and Georgia tourism raked in a record $59 billion in 2015.

Atlanta landed just behind Nashville and Denver, respectively, for third place on the list. Analysts found that short-term landlords can expect an annual stream of nearly $55,000 from their Atlanta properties.

Another aspect that helped Atlanta, along with other urban centers, is “bleisure” travel, which sounds like the Urban Dictionary definition of something repulsive. But it actually refers to travelers tacking on leisure days to business trips.

The bottom-five, worst-performing markets included San Francisco, New York City, and honeymoon magnet Wichita.