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In Atlantic Station’s shadow, tri-level contemporary is certainly unique for $895K

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Wonderland of aesthetic surprises has a thing for shiny floors, big spaces, sweet city views

A shoddy modern home in the shadow of Atlantic station.
Where nature meets corrugated siding.
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Pretend you’re in the market for a big new home in Atlanta with clean lines and aspects that are the opposite of mundane. Pretend your checklist includes this: “A living room that’s like Bauhaus meets the Pink Pony.”

Cue harp music.

In the shadow of Atlantic Station’s high-rises, this just-finished, tri-level eyebrow-raiser is clad in corrugated metal siding and certainly makes a splash among so much Home Park verdure.

Geared toward “luxury lifestyle lovers” and priced at $895,000, it’s touted as gorgeous, spacious, and unique with a walkable “Location! Location! Location!”

With a retractable entryway fence guarding the three-car garage, the property is classified as gated. Meanwhile, up top, the patio views are accurately described as spectacular.


In between, as captured by what may or may not be smartphone listing photos, are five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and nearly 3,700 square feet of surprises. Audacious ceilings, stained concrete, and nonstandard windows are in no short supply here.

“This one is a true must see!” declares the listing.

And that’s exactly right.

Atlantic Station

1380 Atlantic Drive, , GA 30363 (404) 733-1221 Visit Website