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At Atlanta’s Pullman Yard, another lead bidder reveals development proposal

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Market, multifamily development, and lots of green could be in store for the storied site

A plan highlight greenspace, multi-family housing, and reuse of the existing train sheds as office and market space.
The detailed plans for Pullman Preserve.
Pullman Preserve

Bids for the redevelopment of Kirkwood’s Pratt-Pullman Yard were received by the Georgia Building Authority last week, marking the next step in the transformation of a 27-acre site that once served as a major railroad shop.

Out of five potential bidders (or possibly six, with the apparent last-minute inclusion of Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority), two came in high at $8 million. That could turn the free-for-all into a two-dog race between Atomic Entertainment and a group proposing a redevelopment called Pullman Preserve.

The GBA has declined interview requests to shed light on the selection process, but public records indicate they’ll pick a winner in June.

Earlier this week, Atomic Entertainment explained and sent us a copy of their proposal to turn the site into a mixed-use development anchored by a collaborative filming/studio location within the old rail buildings.

Now, the second top-bidding group, comprised of experienced locals Fabric Developers and Civitas Housing Group, has sent over a copy of their proposal.

Like the Atomic Entertainment bid, the plans retain the historic structures many preservationists were concerned about after the state abolished all protections for the buildings.

In addition to preserving the old rail sheds, the plan also puts a major emphasis on nature and greenspace, incorporating a community garden, urban agriculture spaces, and a nature center.

With the Pullman Preserve vision, old rail buildings would be used as a large market and office space, while new multifamily housing options would be constructed on the southern and western edges of the site. Among the residential portions, there are provisions for affordable and senior housing.

Now, it’ll be up to the state to select the winning bidder and set the future of Pratt-Pullman Yard in motion.