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Atlanta’s Luckie Street cycle track will soon connect Westside to Centennial Olympic Park

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Construction is pedaling toward completion on city’s latest layer of bicycle infrastructure

A raised granite curb separates car lanes from the new bike lanes.
The new dedicated cycle lanes being installed on Luckie Street, looking south toward Centennial Olympic Park.
Michael Kahn, Curbed Atlanta

Luckie Street, stretching from the Georgia Tech campus south to Centennial Olympic Park, has been put on a road diet in preparation for Atlanta’s latest dedicated cycle track.

Construction crews have removed lanes, re-striped pavement, widened sidewalks, and added new granite dividers to keep motorists and bicyclists separated in the new road configuration.

The changes impact the nine blocks between the Coca-Cola corporate campus and Centennial Olympic Park, tying into work that’s already transformed Tech Parkway from a divided road into a multi-modal pedestrian and vehicular corridor.

When complete this summer, the initiative will add 1.6 miles of dedicated cycling space, spanning as far north as Tech Parkway’s intersection with Northside Drive, roughly at 6th Street.

The track is part of a much larger initiative to connect the region with dedicated bike trails, with Centennial Olympic Park being a hub.

The changes, however, haven’t thrilled everyone.

Earlier this year, one Curbed reader felt compelled to draft a missive railing against the removal of car lanes in favor of bikes.

But for two-wheeled commuters, the transformation is a long-time coming.