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1898 Brookhaven home returns after 20 years with $2.29M price

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Historic architectural accents and modern touches create a unique attraction in one of Atlanta’s hottest neighborhoods     

1898 Brookhaven house in Capital City Club in Atlanta. Dorsey Alston

Sitting across the street from the Capital City Club, this 1898 house contains all the design elements one would expect from a house designed more than a century ago.

There are the 10-foot ceilings, the pine and oak floors (check out the inlaid design in the corner of the living and dining rooms), and the molding around the fireplaces.

The red dining room certainly is reminiscent of the 1890s, but the tile on the kitchen island speaks to a more recent era.

Buyers will find plenty of modern upgrades as well, such as the garden tub in the master bathroom and the double ovens in the kitchen.

And, with a large backyard filled with long-established trees and shrubs, this lot looks much bigger than its .833-acre size proclaims.

Golf enthusiasts may enjoy the golf course seen from the master bedroom windows, but, of course, you have to be willing to pay the $2.29 million asking price for the privilege!