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In West End Atlanta, charming Craftsman bungalow aims to break $400K threshold

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Original detailing abounds at cusp of Beltline’s Westside Trail

A renovated West End bungalow for sale in Atlanta.
A porch that practically says, “Come hither.”
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; photos Mimi Erickson

With this statement, the listing makes no bones about it: “Yes! This baby sits right on the BELTLINE!”

Beltline fever is spreading as the Westside Trail’s debut nears, and this circa-1920 property has clearly caught the bug. Which is bound to happen when the recently paved path snakes through the West End just steps away.

With a listing price of $405,000, this charming old bungalow is also aiming to be a pioneer.

Records indicate no West End single-family home has sold recently for more than $400,000. In fact, this bona fide West End mansion that traded last summer was among the few homes in the vicinity to crack the $300,000 mark.

But if any house is to skyrocket over the $300,000s in West End (for better or worse), it could be this one, with its Beltline proximity, sheer space (3,654 square feet and five bedrooms), and original detailing that could make an Arts and Crafts aficionado swoon.

As the listing agent warns/promises: “Be prepared to have your breath taken away!”

Photos: Mimi Erickson

Beyond a front porch that’s quintessentially old Atlanta, find high ceilings and wide-open rooms punctuated by beautiful wood and two original fireplaces. The kitchen’s modernized without being totally out-of-character, and the finished basement looks cozy enough for hibernation.

Strung with party lights, the ample back deck covers some parking and what might be the only drawback: a single-car garage.

Nonetheless, at $110 per square foot, it’s a large, nice house that would probably fetch twice as much in so many other places.